Leaving Camp :-(

This morning we begin packing up all of our belongings and getting ready to leave Eaglecrest.  We have had an awesome time here at camp and have been so blessed by the staff who spend their summer’s serving the groups that come through.  Last night was the Community Dinner and roughly 100 people from the Sutton area were all at camp to enjoy a night of good food (20 lbs of fresh salmon!) and good laughs.  Many of the people there we had served with over the course of the week and so it was so fun to see all those faces together one last time.  It made for a great last-hurrah for us before leaving camp.

Next up for the trip we begin our 5 hour drive to Denali.  We will be sleeping on the floors of a school tonight and tomorrow night and tomorrow morning we’ll be waking up at ~4am for our bus tour of Denali National Park…we’ll see how that wake up time goes, I’ve got an air-horn if necessary!  But it’s the best chance we’ve got at seeing wildlife, and so it’ll all be worth it in the end!

Pray for safe travels, lots of energy, and that we would still be focused on seeing God’s face even though the “service” portion of our trip has ended.



2 thoughts on “Leaving Camp :-(

  1. Awesome! I hope the weather works out so that you can see the top. Even if you can’t you’re going to see some unbelievable sights. Denali can’t be explained, only experienced. I’m happy for your team.

  2. Hey siblings!!

    We are writing from the grand ole town of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. We are alive thus far and enjoying our time! Just wanted to say that we hope you are having a dandy time and make it home safely. We miss you and love you (?) and can’t wait to share stories. Please, oh please, bring us home some gold 🙂

    Love you all,
    Ali, Ben, Katherine, and Madison


    Jaquavis – I hope you’ve blogged, mom was getting mad (see how I was first to blog?). Basically, I became the favorite child. Love and miss ya kid, look out for the moosen getting fooden in the woodsen.
    Lil Hersh – Hola hermano! Como estas? Shoot sorry, English now. Just wanna say, keep fighting those moose and remember what Trey and I taught you 🙂 see you in a few weeks bro. Now go climb a mountain or something. #merchout
    T-Bone – If’n ye’n be’n wantin’ to’n, bring me back some moose fuzz. And stop wearing your pajama pants to work. Please shower. I love you. But I love you most when you are clean. Your mom is the bomb. When you bring me back gold, that gold is going on the ceiling. You’re the best! ❤
    Morgs- Hola Chica!! I have loved hearing from you through you all's blog (great job bloggin'!) and seeing you in pics, despite some of your non-matching outfits 🙂 . I miss you A BUNCH and can't help but feel weird with out my lil sis and best friend 🙂 I hope you have a fabulous time and a safe trip home! Try and keep a handle on the above hooligans!! Love ya lots ❤ Madison

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