God sightings

Hey friends & family,

It’s Ben here. The students are busy doing a smattering of things, but it’s been two days since our last post (minus that paragraph from Payton I just discovered), so I want to share a handful of awesome stories.

  • Yesterday we had three students join us at camp who hadn’t previously come. God gave us cool opportunities to share about his grace with people clearly living in a performance-based world.
  • Students and leaders have been sharing their life stories with each other throughout the week. This has opened up some POWERFUL conversations.
  • Today it’s been rainy all day… which made me wonder whether we’d have any students come to a mostly outdoor day camp… and everybody came back. Jim (the director of Eaglecrest, our host) shared a gospel message, and I saw at least two significant conversations taking place with local students afterwards. I don’t know specifics, but I know God was at work, and Blackhawk students were right there sharing & praying with their new friends.
  • Tonight we got to hang out with all sorts of new people at Eaglecrest’s weekly community cookout. Our repeat students got to see people they met last year. Students from the library camp program invited our students to their silent film showing tonight – the reviews are coming back positive!
  • Above all, the reviews are coming back four stars for our students as they give their all in making connections for Christ with their Alaskan peers. I’m really stinkin’ proud of this team.
  • And… I can’t help but give a shout out to our amazing adult leaders. WOW. Quality people serving in quality ways, and we’re all having a great time.

Tomorrow night we’re off to a minor league baseball game in Palmer – go Mat-Su Miners!

Thank you for reading and praying. We appreciate it deeply, and your prayers are bearing fruit.

Love & hugs from all of us to all of you,



5 thoughts on “God sightings

  1. Hi All. I just realized that I could leave a response on the blog site. I thought it was just a one way conversation. In any case I wanted to share that God has kept you all on my mind this week and i will continue to pray for your leadership and growth in Him.
    To Mia – we .miss you and can’t wait to have you back. You are an awesome young woman. Also, I feel sick that I forgot to send your notes along. 😦 Next stop on your summer tour – NC! LOVE YOU! Mom xo
    Dad sends you one of his big hugs!

  2. I’ve been trying to comment on here all week but it hasn’t gone through… I’ve loved following you all on your journey in Alaska! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little jealous. Noah, thanks for the shout bro, do you really think my beard could be Tim Howard worthy?! And Dan, way to use big words in your post, I guess I’ve taught you well 😉 seriously though, don’t let Dan Watts go too out of control but take him up on any offers to go fishing or eat candy! Heather W., make sure the team knows about the dangers of of jellyfish in Alaska, I hear they’re quite a threat up there! Though I can’t seem to recall how many decisions they can make… Finally, Tom, 0 MPH. Miss you all tons and can’t to hear about all the ways God is moving in BIG ways in and through you 🙂 Be Safe!

  3. I too didn’t realize I could respond to these very entertaining and well described blogs. It sounds like this entire team is making huge strides in connecting with each other , the youth at Eagelecrest, and especially with our dear Father. What an amazing journey, I’m so thankful that my son can be a part of this!
    I had to laugh when I read that Grahm slipped on a rock, I even read this aloud to my friends… More laughs in knowing he is clearly having a fantastic time. Please relay to Grahm that we love and miss him, and we are so very proud of him. Also, please remind him to continue to not limit himself in taking in all the wonders of Gods work- jumping off cliffs included:)

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