Snow @ Hatcher Pass?

Today, we woke up nice and rested due to an earlier bed time last night. We had breakfast which was pancakes and sausage, before heading into our devotional time, and today’s topic was initiative. Next the Alaskan students arrived, and we took a look at Gracie’s wonderful drawings. After the drawings an epic round of “The Trash Can Game” broke out. If you don’t know what that is just take our word for it, it’s crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

Trash Can Game

We began our skills clubs of Mexican s’mores/ fire-building, and archery. Next we had a bit of free time before lunch which was filled with Ga-ga ball and river adventures. Then we had lunch which was homemade pizza and soda. After lunch we played games and we had devotional time along with life skills. Somehow a random make-up application class broke out.


Make-up Application Class

Tonight we get to hike at an old gold mine at Hatcher Pass. Should be a great night as long as the weather holds up. Today might be the first day without rain at some point throughout the day.

Shout outs and pictures to come later….. Stay tuned.

– Rylei and Anna


3 thoughts on “Snow @ Hatcher Pass?

  1. It’s pretty obvious you guys aren’t having any fun there – trash cans and ga-ga pits! Ha, ha. 🙂
    Bless you all as you continue this great week of sharing your love and talent, just as Jesus did.
    Shout out to Rylei–HI! See, aren’t you glad I told you to take the Kendama?! (Mom xoxo)

  2. What wonderful opportunities you all get to see increble beauty in nature. Sounds like the team is having a great trip! Sam…I love your willingness to do fun things!

  3. Loving the blog!! Sounds like this rock star team is having a great time and doing awesome things!! Shout out to Craig…wow, that outfit. Not even sure what to say about that one honey. 😉 Shout out to Luke…hope you didn’t sink your teeth into anyone during the trash can game again bud! Miss ya tons! Shout out to Sam… great lashes pal!

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